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As an Army First Sergeant, serving as a Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Operations Specialist, TLI founder Ray Medrano devoted 20 years to serving his country and becoming an expert in his field. He sought to convert his knowledge and experience in a relevant way for his transition to civilian life. Decontamination, personal protective equipment, and disinfection was his superpower. He knew he had a unique opportunity to do something big – improve living and working conditions for people and families.

It just so happened that as he was transitioning to civilian life in 1996 the Department of Housing and Urban Development developed the Guidelines for Evaluation and Control of Lead-Based Paint Hazards in Housing. He had an infant daughter at the time, prompting him to test the new guidelines out in his own home. He immediately discovered the miniblinds, positioned next to his daughter’s crib, contained lead. A vision emerged.

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Ray Medrano wanted to make a positive difference in the world. He wanted to protect children from the potential hazards of lead poisoning, which became the grassroots concept behind TLI & Environmental Services. Ray is one of the first Lead Inspectors and Risk Assessors in the State of Texas.

Over the years, Ray has conducted over 10,000 lead-based paint inspections and thousands of risk assessments. He’s also performed hundreds of indoor air quality investigations and countless asbestos building inspections. To date, TLI & Environmental Services has successfully eliminated lead hazards in hundreds of
homes where young children reside. And it’s through that lens of health and protection that…

TLI has expanded to include a host of additional services, including:

Trauma Crime Scene Cleanup


Crime Scene Cleanup


Water Damage


Mold Remediation


Asbestos Abatement


Lead Abatement



Certified Teams & Qualified Contractors for Every Service

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